About The NAAHRF

Our Mission Is To Help You Protect Yourself Against Home Repair Fraud

Whether it’s a tornado in the Midwest or you no longer like your blue bathtub, NAAHRF is here to help you navigate the process of dealing with contractors. We want to help you become your own quality control manager, to help protect you from becoming a victim of home repair/remodel/rebuild fraud and scams. And there are several ways we can do that.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and our mission is to educate communities on how to protect themselves from becoming victims of home repair fraud and scams.  Since 2009, we have educated over 350,000 homeowners and counting!

Executive Director

Phae Moore

Phae Moore is the founder and Executive Director of The National Alliance Against Home Repair Fraud (NAAHRF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to help homeowners avoid becoming victims of contractor fraud and scams. The NAAHRF was founded in 2009, after witnessing firsthand the financial and emotional effects that contractor fraud had on her own grandmother. “I absolutely remember the pain in her face,” Phae says. “That will be with me always.”

Realizing that, like her grandmother, many homeowners are not equipped with the information and resources they need to be proactive in avoiding contractor fraud, Phae has made it her passion and commitment to make sure others do not experience the same loss.

After attending college, Phae felt the entrepreneurial bug and left school to pursue many of her business ideas. After failing-repeatedly, Phae learned many valuable life lessons and business skills. Finally, her hard work paid off and she started a successful third party reimbursement company.

She is now a home repair fraud prevention expert, Board Member of the National Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and the Greenhouse Foundation, a Georgia real estate agent, former Community Member of the City of Atlanta Code Enforcement Committee, former HUD certified housing counselor, a graduate of the Construction Business Management Institute, and a regular keynote speaker at national events. She is also the author of “Don’t Even Think About Ripping Me Off!” – a step-by-step instructional guidebook on how to protect yourself from home repair fraud and scams. She has been commended by many elected officials, high-level corporate executives and community leaders. However, the opinion that matters the most to her is the one of her beloved grandmother.

Phae continues to bring awareness to this multi-billion dollar problem. “If I don’t work hard every day to reach and teach every community how to protect themselves, if I don’t knock on every door for the support NAAHRF needs to help protect those who are most vulnerable to contractor scams in this country, then I am doing them all a disservice,” she said.

Meet Our Volunteers

The NAAHRF has a proud staff of experienced volunteers that are dedicated to our mission of helping to protect homeowners across America.

Margaret Johnson

NAAHRF gave me the opportunity to use my passion for writing. I am helping with the website language, press releases and other writing positions. I love it here!

Gloria Favors

I volunteer with NAAHRF because I think it is an awesome organization. My mother was a victim of home repair fraud. The contractor took her money and never returned.

Brittany Moore

I see, every day, how determined Phae is to keep everyone from being scammed. She is on the computer, phone and airplane 24/7 and she makes me proud!

Toni R. Hill

I chose to volunteer with NAAHRF because I was very impressed with the passion Phae had for helping every single person that reached out to her. She gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about marketing and media relations which I enjoy!

Courtney Coleman

I volunteer with NAAHRF because it continuously teaches me something new about people, cooperation, compassion, and about myself. In helping others, I am reminded that we are all in this together and we need to remember to support each other. Life has so much to offer if we remember look beyond ourselves.

Rob Evans

I am located outside of Charlotte, NC alongside my wife, two young boys, & two dogs. I am a 12 year Army veteran and currently employed by Microsoft working on the Outlook iOS\Android team. I am a self-taught iOS developer and while not working for Microsoft I enjoy running & building iOS apps. I enjoy being able to work in partnership with organizations that are bigger than oneself and why I was eager to build Home Repair Helper!

Partners and Sponsors

While the NAAHRF does not endorse any service provider, we appreciate these current and past partners and sponsors for their support.

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