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Every contribution and donation makes a difference. We appreciate the support, as each donation allows NAAHRF to continue helping homeowners nationwide protect themselves against home repair fraud and scams.

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We’re constantly upgrading our systems, implementing new ideas and strategies and always on the move to make things better. We appreciate any donations and contributions made towards our cause.

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate and empower homeowners with tools and knowledge to help them during the rebuilding and repairing process.

Our Projects

Our projects include our mobile app, Homeowner Helper, our step-by-step instructional guidebook “Don’t Even Think About Ripping Me Off!,”, our on-site Disaster Recovery Centers, our SmartPower workshops, and other future projects that we are currently developing to help homeowners with direct access to resources including reputable contractors, financial assistance and project management tools.  Become a member so we can keep you updated!

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We’d love to hear from homeowners who want to share their views and experiences so we can make the process better.

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