Lanard Cullins

Board Member

As a Housing and Community Development Consultant, Lanard Cullins is the principal with a one-stop real estate development and construction management consulting firm that offers professional quality service to clients who require assistance with residential or commercial projects. His services include managing the construction process including subcontractors, budget, schedule, progress inspections, process payments, change orders, photo documentation, and coordination with Primary Client during the entire construction phase.

As a Disaster Inspector, Mr. Cullins has conducted over 3,000 inspections of residential property damaged in federally declared disasters since 1998. He has been deployed to disaster sites all over the country to meet with FEMA applicants to determine personal and real property damage as a result of the storm and accurately report findings to FEMA and field staff.

His educational background includes attending the University of Southern California, School of Urban and Regional Planning. He majored in Urban and Regional Studies/ Housing and Community Development and earned a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Studies. Mr. Cullins earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban and Rural Studies from the University of California, San Diego.

Mr. Cullins is dedicated to eliminating contractor fraud in all forms. His work over the years has given him a vast amount of experience with construction contractors, some of which were not good or ethical business operators. He has become aware of many of the schemes that bad contractors utilize to cheat homeowners out of their money or perform substandard work. He has worked with NAAHRF for over 10 years, educating homeowners (especially disaster victims and seniors) on ways to prevent being victims of contractor fraud.